Prof. Dr. Matthias Endres, Director Clinic for Neurology with Experimental Neurology

Stroke — every minute counts — Prof. Dr. med. M. Endres, Charité Berlin

As part of the DGN Con­gress 2020, neu­ro­lo­gists ans­wer ques­ti­ons about neu­ro­lo­gi­cal dise­a­ses, cur­rent rese­arch sta­tus and the latest the­ra­py opti­ons in short, infor­ma­ti­ve video interviews. 

Prof. Dr. med. End­res, Direc­tor of the Cli­nic for Neu­ro­lo­gy at the Cha­ri­té Ber­lin, deals with the sub­ject of “Stro­ke — every minu­te counts”. 

Ger­man Socie­ty for Neu­ro­lo­gy (DGN)

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