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Podcast: Neurosurgery, Brain and Soul with Peter Vajkoczy

“It’s a pri­vi­le­ge to be able to see the brain puls­ing. This is some­thing sub­li­me, some­thing sacred. We all know that the soul is in the brain, the personality.«

Peter Vaj­koc­zy is Direc­tor of the Cli­nic for Neu­ro­sur­gery at the Ber­lin Cha­ri­té and pro­vi­des unu­su­al insights into the work of a brain sur­ge­on in the high-risk area and into the human brain. He refers to the long tra­di­ti­on of deal­ing with the brain and soul: the gla­dia­tors’ doc­tors had alre­a­dy estab­lished that brain inju­ries were always accom­pa­nied by cogni­ti­ve los­ses. Ever­y­thing that has been asso­cia­ted with the con­cept of the »soul« for cen­tu­ries is ancho­red deep in the brain.

In »Head­work«, Peter Vaj­koc­zy not only descri­bes extra­or­di­na­ry cases from his ever­y­day life in the ope­ra­ting room, but he also inves­ti­ga­tes the phe­no­me­non of near-death expe­ri­en­ces with asto­nis­hing reports from patients.

Mode­ra­ti­on: Gert Scobel

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